Getting to Abingdon

I had us packed and ready to go on Wednesday evening. That freed us up on Thursday to get other things done. Dave went to work on the race car and I coloured my hair before going to Carli. Some things just did not fit into my suitcase. Even though we had the weight allowance we didn’t have the volume. After visiting with Hannah and Carli I fetched Dave so we could see Nico. Them home for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

On Friday it was work as usual. The driver arrived early and we were checked in and on our way through security 3 hours before our flight. Dave bought some South African Rugby shot glasses for Stuart just to rub in the result. And then we went to relax in the lounge. We boarded late and sat down in our seats to enjoy a glass of champagne. This is the first time we are flying business class. We saved up all our miles for this experience. Take off was 15 minutes late.

Our pre dinner drink was a Singleton 12 year old which we sipped while watching the most amazing sunset. For dinner Dave and I both had the crab rillette to start. I had mushroom ravioli for mains and Dave had seared fillet of beef. We had a Spanish red wine with starters and and Italian one for mains. Dessert for me was a lemon cheesecake and Dave had the cheese board. As is tradition for weekend nights we had a port after our meal.

Sleep time was just after 10pm South African time. Breakfast was at 4:55, or 2:54 UK time. We both chose the cheddar omelette as we will be having breakfast again later at a normal time.

We landed at 4:33 UK time and we were the first people through passport control. After collecting our bags we went to the lounge for a shower and our first day of holiday could begin.