Melton Mowbray

After breakfast, James, David and I headed to Melton Mowbray. It was not the best day for a farmers market and it was amazing how many stall holders had turned up.

The parking cost double on market days and we managed to find one close to where we wanted to be. For £3 we had three hours of parking, not that we browsed around in the rain and bitter cold for that long. We started off with espressi and a slice of Victorian sponge at Off The Beaten Path.

One stall holder had nice looking tomatoes but there were too many in the container for us. But when we bought a dozen double yolk eggs (£3) he sold us two for 20p. We got freshly baked baguette from another stall holder (£2) who then discounted the scones James bought by 80p. At Dickinson & Morris we bought two pork pies, a locally made beer, Stilton which is from this area and some bacon.

Once our shopping was done we came back to Oakham to get toffees from Thorntons. We came back to Barnsdale for lunch and in the afternoon the three of us took a drive to Stamford. Then back for cream tea before Dave and I headed to the leisure centre. We had bruschetta and snacks before supper – Hannah gave everything a try and then we had the pork sausages for supper. You could taste they were made with quality ingredients. I was quite sleepy so had an early night.