Tea At Harrods

We woke up, had breakfast and packed and headed off to Peterborough. First to fill up the car with diesel (£65 for 50.04l). We did not quite need to put fuel in but Dave wanted to show James how it worked. We then went to Europcar to collect their car. Thankfully they did not need James’s passport so we did not have a repeat of the Finchley exprience. We finally left for London at 11.20. We arrived at Glenlyn Hotel, checked in and unpacked. Their is no space in our room for the large suitcase. The kids arrived at 13:40 and as soon as Carli had had a cup of coffee we headed off to Harrods. We caught the underground from Woodside Park, changed at Leicester Square and got out at Knightsbridge.

We went straight to Harrods Cafe to celebrate Carli’s birthday. She and James shared a cream tea and a slice of fudge cake. Dave also had the cream tea but with an espresso. I had mint tea with a croissant.

Dave fed Hannah bits of cake which to her must have been far better than her baby food! The bill including gratuity came to £65.45. A true once in a lifetime experience. We left the kids there and headed back to Finchley in rush hour. We changed trains at Euston as we were on the wrong one for the Northern Line. We got back to the hotel at 18:00 and changed for Shul. The service was short and lovely and then we all went to Judy for dinner. It was a lovely family evening.