Seeing Old Friends

We woke up early so that I could spend the last few minutes with Anne before she went to work. It is sad saying goodbye – but at least we know we shall be back. I also got to say goodbye to Jane who hopefully will come and visit us sometime. Then it was time to shower, and Dave took Henry to the station. By the time he got back I was ready to go and we went to Evie for morning coffee. That was so special to spend some time with her, just the three of us. After coffee we took a very slow drive to The Grumpy Mole. We left Evie just after 11am and our first stop was in Benson. We wanted to talk to someone at Le Boat, but they were trying to prevent a barge from sinking completely!

Our lunch date with Pete and Bev was for 2pm and we arrived shortly before that. Dave and Peter are old friends – having gone to school together. It was a wonderful catch up for all of them. Bev had brought with a photo album from their wedding – quite something to see Dave in a suit.

At 16h30 we got on the road to Gatwick. There is a petrol station right at the airport so that was easy enough – £36.54 for 25.39l.


We dropped the car at Europcar at 17h20 and we were in the lounge by 18h00. This after both Dave and I were stopped at security. His belt triggered the machine which has never happened anywhere else. And I completely forgot to put my nasal spray and throat spray into the clear bag – I never do and this is the first time my suitcase has been set aside for checking for that. I do not mind as security far outweighs the wait! I did some shopping for Bev S. Got  Patum Peperium for Dave and I and a bottle of whisky. Bev R had suggested Scapa and so we bought that. The flight was delayed by over an hour but we were comfortable in the lounge waiting, and then again on board with champagne. The flight was good – I managed to sleep from just after dinner to just after breakfast! Once again passport control was a breeze and we did not have to wait too long for our cases. Home safe and sound after a very busy and amazing family holiday.